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Welcome to Herringbone Bindery, independently run by bookbinder Erin Fletcher. Erin was traditionally trained in historical and contemporary binding techniques from the North Bennet Street School. Herringbone Bindery offers a wide range of bookbinding services, all hand-crafted using quality materials and guided by traditional craftsmanship.

December 1, 2013
After a bit of a break, interviews are back.
Check out the December interview with the wonderfully talented Karen Hanmer. Karen’s work teeters between historical bookbinding and contemporary artist books. Her enthusiasm for the industry keeps her involved in several organizations and has her teaching nationwide.

New workshop offered this spring at North Bennet Street School
In addition to the fundamentals in bookbinding courses that will be offered this winter at NBSS, I will be teaching a new workshop. In this workshop, students will bring their own contemporary book in order to rebind it with a lovely quarter leather binding. Students will also learn to make a custom fitted clamshell for their newly bound book.
Workshop Schedule & Sign Up

August 1, 2013
Sign-up for a workshop this fall to learn the basics of bookbinding.
This fall at the North Bennet Street School, I will be teaching two basic bookbinding workshops. Students will learn about paper grain, discuss materials and tools. Students will learn 4 different structures during the first week and walk away with at least 5 complete books. During the second week, students will work enhance their skills by learning more techniques and 2 additional structures.
Workshop Schedule & Sign Up

Flash of the Hand features the work of bookbinder Annette Friedrich and book artist Jody Alexander in the month of August.
Head on over to the blog to read the interview for this month’s featured bookbinder: Annette Friedrich. Annette’s fine bindings are skillfully crafted with delicate and artistic designs. Her admiration of Virginia Woolf has led to an ambition to bind all nine of her novels.

The work of book artist, Jody Alexander, will also appear on the blog this month. Jody’s commitment to the book as a medium is exceptional; apparent in her detailed cast of characters and stories and elaborate installations.

July 1, 2013
New interview with talented fine binder Coleen Curry.
Bookbinder of the Month: Coleen Curry – Find inspiration in Coleen's unique fine bindings, where she integrates traditional materials with natural found onlays and inlays to play with texture and asymmetry. Coleen also speaks about her training experience at the American Academy of Bookbinding, where she currently acts as a teacher's aid for Don Glaister.

Interview with book artist and designer Ellen Knudson of Crooked Letter Press.
Book Artist of the Month: Ellen Knudson – During 11 years of working with books as an art form, Ellen has created an imaginative and interactive body of work. She has also dedicated her time to promoting and teaching letterpress and book arts at various institutions, such as Penland School of Crafts and Paper and Book Intensive. 

June 15, 2013
New products in Etsy Shop
During a recent workshop, I revisited the Gary Frost sewn-board binding structure. Remembering how much I enjoy that structure I decided to bind a few for my Etsy shop using the same series of paste papers as the previous collection of books. Each sewn-board journal is filled with 48 blank Mohawk pages and accented with book cloth on the spine and board edges near the spine.

June 1, 2013
Another talented bookbinder featured on my blog.
Bookbinder of the Month: Sonya Sheats – I’ve been inspired by Sonya’s work ever since my visit to her bindery two years ago. Sonya has a unique and clean aesthetic utilizing color and exotic leathers. During the interview, Sonya shares her journey to become a bookbinder and what has shaped her sense of design.

Article published in Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
In the June 2013 (No. 208) Newsletter, Benjamin Elbel and I reflected on our Skype workshop experience in "Online Workshops: Thoughts From Both Sides of the Webcam". Read about it on my blog as well.