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Hello there! My name is Erin Fletcher. I am a bookbinder living in Boston where I own and run Herringbone Bindery, a studio where I produce one-of-a-kind to edition bindings and boxes. Flash of the Hand is an extension of my portfolio website; a space where I can contain my inspirations while sharing them with you.

You’ll find a variety of different posts:

Binder of the Month
Bookbinding is one of the oldest trades that still thrives today and as someone who is apart of this small community I want to share my passion with you.  Over the course of the year, I will interview a small selection of Binders, discussing their work as way of showcasing the depth of craftsmanship and creativity in this trade. Click on Interviews to find the entire list of binders who have already been interviewed.

Book Artist of the Month
Book Arts is a field that stretches our concept of the book form: narration without words, experimental layouts and compositions, exploratory use of materials, etc. In this feature, I interview Book Artists about their work as way of showcasing an expression of bookmaking on the opposite spectrum of bookbinding. Click on Interviews to find the entire list of book artists who have already been interviewed.

Daily Glimpse
As a year long project, I hoped to peer into the daily lives of my friends and family (while sharing mine as well) over a month long cycle per collaborator. Each day a photo was sent at a random time capturing a brief moment of their day, the recipient then replied immediately with a photo capturing a moment of their day.

Each post showed a pair of photos depicting an activity engaged by myself and another individual at the same moment (with my photo on the left and my collaborator’s on the right).

My Hand
Flash of the Hand is a corner of the net that collects artist who inspire me through their dedication to art and imagination. In these posts I will be promoting my own work, going more in-depth on my processes, techniques and inspirations.

For any trade or tradition to thrive from generation to generation, secrets and skills need to be shared and passed along. These tutorials will range from quick tidbits and tricks to completed binding projects.

Stay posted on all of my upcoming workshops. I mainly teach in Boston, Massachusetts at the North Bennet Street School, but you may find my name pop up at other venues around the country.


  1. Bukola Koiki says:

    Hi Erin,

    I’ve been checking to see if you started your blog yet and voila! I check today and there’s lots of posts! I love the simplicity of the categories you have set, and their descriptions are just as thoughtful as I would expect from you. Jason (i assume) did a great job on the blog design :). My favorite posts are the daily glimpse and my hand and i love your life list! Such as excellent idea! One of my favorite bloggers, designer Emma Robertson maintained something similar called 25 before 25. I am so glad to see your blog already filled with such thoughtful posts. Hope to write to you soon.

    Love, Bukola

  2. Carl says:

    Hi Erin,
    We’ve enjoyed reading about this months Bookbinder, particularly as Edgar Mansfield was my step-Grandfather and step-Great-Grandfather to our children. Funnily enough, we were just talking to Richard, Edgar’s step-son, today about the use of the grain in the goatskins used for Edgar’s bindings as we’ve discovered many of them which we’d shipped over from New Zealand after finally clearing his and my Grandmother’s house in Napier. Sadly, we have no use for them and rather than let them deteriorate in storage, we’ve decided to put them up for auction. For your interest, the link is:
    (or do a search on Ebay for Edgar Mansfield) Hope you find them interesting. Keep up the good work! Yours Carl and Caroline Lochead

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    My name is Erin Fletcher and I live in Boston working as a Bookbinder.  This blog is an extension of Herringbone Bindery where I can share my inspirations with you.
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