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List of Month-Long Interviews

Since 2013, I have been conducting interviews on the blog. The following list includes the several talented and renowned bookbinders and book artists who have so kindly and thoughtfully engaged in responses that will inspire and embolden any reader.

Kathy Abbott
Hannah Brown
Mark Cockram
Coleen Curry
Benjamin Elbel
Annette Friedrich
Karen Hanmer
Derek Hood
Lang Ingalls
Monique Lallier
Tini Miura
Lori Sauer
Sol Rébora
Tracey Rowledge
Sonya Sheats
Haein Song

Book Artists:
Jody Alexander
Amy Borezo
Sarah Bryant
Susan Collard
Laura Davidson
Dianna Frid
Roni Gross
Diane Jacobs
Ellen Knudson
Sarah McDermott
Michelle Ray
Natalie Stopka
Mary Uthuppuru

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