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  1. Book Artist of the Month: Sarah McDermott

    March 11, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    Memories can be tricky. When recalling moments from our childhood, we can so easily and without realizing it, elaborate on the reality. In Dodge County Summers, Sarah McDermott constructs a narrative from the summers spent on her family’s farm in Wisconsin and now as an adult realizes their falsehoods. 

    Dodge County Summers is bound as a quarter cloth binding on an intimate scale of 5¼ x 5¼” containing fold-out sections, which allow for movement in two directions. The interior pages were handmade using cotton rag, abaca, mystery pulp balls and hemp and letterpress printed on a Vandercook 4 with the use of linoleum reductions and photopolymer printed plates for the text and drawings.

    This artist book was created in 2009 in an edition of 30 and can be purchased through Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers.


  2. Artist: Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz

    December 13, 2012 by Erin Fletcher

    Utilizing simple geometric forms and a limited color palette, artist Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz creates a stunning array of drawings by applying acrylic and dye to handmade papers. I love, love, love this work. Her drawings feel organic and primitive yet can stand simultaneously in a contemporary setting.

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