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  1. Swell Things No. 17

    October 31, 2014 by Erin Fletcher


    1. Artist Lucy Sparrow opened The Cornershop in London. Over the course of eight months, she painstakingly crafted over 4,000 drug store items after a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. All plush items were embroidered and appliquéd to resemble the real item from candy bars and cigarettes to magazines and ice cream. At the end of the summer, Lucy sold out of all her items.
    2. Lovely images from Oakland-based photographer Nika States.
    3. Glitched is a series of 3-D printed dioramas from artist Mathieu Schmitt. Each diorama is printed slightly deformed inside a smoked glass cube. The faint, white lighting creates an eerie scene.
    4. These watercolors from Jeffrey Simmons are astonishing. How exactly did Jeffrey execute such precision and exactness with watercolor?
    5. These excellent tape graffiti installations come from LA-based artist Gustavo Fuentes aka Flëkz. I love the geometric quality of these pieces and the fragility of their life.


    6. Your House is a limited-edition artist book from Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson. All 454 pages are individually laser-cut and correspond to 2.2cm of Olafur’s actual house in Copenhagen. The book was designed in 2006 by Michael Heimann and Claudia Baulesch after being commissioned by the Library Council of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
    7. These smudgy flowers from Simone Truong are delightful and delicate.
    8. The Sincerity Machine from Jesse England is an altered typewriter. Jesse laser-engraved a contemporary font out of acrylic and replaced the typeslug, so that his typewriter could print in Comic Sans. What a unique idea, but perhaps a better font for the next project.
    9. French artist Julien Maire used a 3-D printer to create 85 figurines for a film without film. The figurines were printed using liquid resin, as light passed through the tiny sculptures, the film was projected onto a screen in the distance. Such a brilliant idea and ingenious use of a 3-D printer. Bravo!
    10. The Design Observer Group puts together a list every year of 50 Books/50 Covers, each book represents the best in book cover design. 2014 hasn’t been released yet, but check out the list for 2013.


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