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My Hand…Talking to Myself

August 5, 2012 by Erin Fletcher

The millimeter binding (specifically Rubow) is my most favorite structure due to its simple elegance and traditional use of handmade paste paper.  ‘Talking to Myself’ was bound with blank pages to be used as a journal.  On this binding the head edge and tail edge are lined with maroon goatskin with leather wrapped headbands in the same leather.  This paste paper was especially fun to design.  By taking inspiration from Sarah Creighton, I aimed to create an alien landscape with rich oranges and browns. 

The initial peachy layer of acrylic paint mixed with wheat starch paste and water was applied to the Hahnemuhle Ingres paper with a sponge brush.  Once that dried completely the three other colors (of the same mixture) were applied separately with a piece of binder’s board in order to create the peaks and icicle-like forms.  The title was smoke-tooled with handle letters.  Smoke-tooling is a technique were the face of the tool is greased up with petroleum jelly and then stuck in a flame to collect carbon; the tool is then pressed into the cover leaving a trace of carbon behind.  This give a rich, deep black impression of the tool.

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