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Upcoming Workshops // July to September

June 15, 2018 by Erin Fletcher

Cross Structure Binding
July 14 – 15 (Saturday – Sunday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This workshop is currently sold out. The Cross Structure binding is a non-adhesive structure that offers much freedom to the text block. This 20th century design is greatly inspired by the Long Stitch bindings of the medieval era. It is suitable for conservation or new bindings, such as travel journals or decorative bindings. The structure is uniquely constructed by interlocking the front and back covers at the spine. In this 2-day workshop, students will work on 4 variations of the Cross Structure, creating models in both handmade paper and leather. If time permits, students will have an opportunity to decorate their covers.

Bookbinding 101
July 28 – 29 (Saturday – Sunday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This workshop is currently sold out. In this two day class, students get a quick introduction to various bookbinding techniques by exploring three different book structures. The class begins with a simple pamphlet and continues with constructing two multi-signature books known as a flatback case binding and link stitch binding. Finally, students construct a box to house all of their creations. This class is a great way to familiarize yourself with bookbinding and is perfect for those who are curious about the craft.

I have no workshops scheduled for the month of August. Go outside and enjoy your summer!

3-Part Bradel Binding

September 7 – 10 (Thursday – Sunday)
San Francisco Center for the Book
San Francisco, CA

Register here. 

The 3-Part Bradel binding offers a unique aesthetic over a traditional case binding. As the name suggests, the binding is assembled in three parts, which encourages the binder to use different materials to cover the spine and covers. For this workshop, students will use leather to cover the spine and cloth or paper for the covers. Students will be guided as they pare their own leather.

Students will also be using a variety of bindery equipment such as a sewing frame, job backer, plow and Kwikprint to complete their structure. We will also cover how to create a simple painted, decorative edge and stamp a custom label.

Millimeter Binding
September 23 – 29
Maine Media Workshops + College
Rockport, ME

Register here.

The millimeter binding came about during the first World War when leather became a scarce resource for binders. Still wanting to provide an elegant leather binding to their clients, binders would use a minimal amount of leather to cover the spine, putting a millimeter or two of leather onto the boards. In this workshop students, will be creating a Rubow-style millimeter binding, learning how to make paste papers and work with leather. Each student will finish the course with a book wrapped in their own paste paper and with a thin strip of leather running across the top and bottom of the binding. This class is open to all and a great introduction to book arts!


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