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Upcoming Workshops // March to May

March 18, 2019 by Erin Fletcher

Focus on Case Binding
April 8 – 12 (Monday – Friday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

Explore case binding structures through repetition while experimenting with minor changes in technique with each book. The course covers structural elements, sewing variations, covering, and cutting techniques using various tools and equipment. Discussions cover terminology, paper grain and folding, selecting proper materials and tools, and adhesives and their properties. Students have ample time to repeat each technique in order to achieve precision and accuracy. This course is suitable for beginners or those who want to refresh their skills.

Personal projects: Time will be dedicated to working on personal projects during the latter half of the workshop. Projects should be suitable for the case binding structure. While some materials can be supplied, students should bring the bulk of the materials required for their work.

Bookbinding 101
April 27 – 28 (Saturday – Sunday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This workshop is sold out. In this two day class, students get a quick introduction to various bookbinding techniques by exploring three different book structures. The class begins with a simple pamphlet and continues with constructing two multi-signature books known as a flatback case binding and link stitch binding. Finally, students construct a box to house all of their creations. This class is a great way to familiarize yourself with bookbinding and is perfect for those who are curious about the craft. Please bring a notebook and pencil to class.

Fundamentals of Bookbinding II
May 6 – 10 (Monday – Friday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This course will focus on hardcover structures. Students will continue with rounded back case bindings and end the course with a book with words. Throughout the course students will fine-tune their skills through repetition and develop a focus to details such as, endpapers structures and headband variations. Topics of discussion will include an overview of bindery equipment such as stamping on the Kwikprint and trimming with the plough.

Secret Belgian Binding
May 11 – 12 (Saturday – Sunday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This workshop is sold out. This workshop explores the Secret Belgian structure and ways to modify it. On day one, students put together two variations of this non-adhesive structure: one with exposed stitches and one with hidden stitches. On day two, students explore modified versions of the Secret Belgian binding developed by book artist, Anne Goy by playing with the length of stitching and incorporating Tyvek. The Secret Belgian binding can be constructed quickly with few tools and virtually no equipment. It opens flat and works best with thinner text blocks.

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