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Upcoming Workshops // January – March

January 15, 2020 by Erin Fletcher

Limp Vellum Binding
January 25 – 26 (Saturday – Sunday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This workshop is sold out. This workshop will focus on the Limp Vellum/Paper Case binding structure. This simple yet elegant binding arose in the 15th century in response to the advent of the printed book. This structure allowed the binder to quickly construct a solid and durable binding. Each student will construct their own binding learning how to sew over alum-tawed thongs on a sewing frame, create traditional hand-sewn endbands and work with vellum and leather. If a student has a sensitivity to using animal products, they may use handmade paper for the cover.

Fundamentals of Bookbinding I
February 3 – 7 (Monday – Friday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

Students will learn the foundations of bookbinding by combining hands-on exercises and discussion. The class starts by exploring non-adhesive structures: soft cover pamphlet, Coptic, historical longstitch and link stitch. The class ends with a look at case bindings, with the creation of two hardcover flatback bindings. Students also learn different structural elements, sewing variations, covering and cutting techniques using various materials, tools and equipment. Throughout the course discussions will cover terminology, paper grain and folding, selecting proper materials and tools, and adhesives and their properties.

Secret Belgian Binding
February 15 (Saturday)
JP Knit and Stitch
Jamaica Plain, MA

This workshop will explore the Secret Belgian structure. Students will also be introduced to ways of modifying this structure. This binding style is simple and easy to construct; it opens flat and is perfect for thinner text blocks.

3-Part Bradel
March 9 – 12 (Monday – Thursday)
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA

This workshop is sold out. The 3-Part Bradel binding offers a unique aesthetic over a traditional case binding. As the name suggests, the binding is assembled in three parts, which encourages the binder to use different materials to cover the spine and covers. For this workshop, students will use leather to cover the spine and a cloth or paper of their choice for the covers. Students will be guided as they pare their own leather. Experience with leather is not necessary, but encouraged.

Students will also be using a variety of bindery equipment such as a sewing frame, job backer, plow and Kwikprint to complete their structure. We will also cover how to create a painted edge and stamp a custom label.

Japanese Binding
March 26 (Thursday)
Minni – Minni Design + Wine
Boston, MA

Grown-ups of all ages, artistic abilities and inclinations are welcomed to Minni Design + Wine – Japanese Bookbinding, a workshop covering the basics of binding with a traditional Japanese technique. Local artist + fine binder Erin Fletcher will offer instruction as participants construct a common Japanese binding model, traditionally referred to as yotsume toji or 4-hole binding. Participants will craft their books with a selection of high quality materials, including colorful linen thread and cotton paper.

Book Cover Art
March 29 (Sunday)
Minni – Minni PaperShop – For Ages 4 – 10
Boston, MA

In our newest workshop little book lovers and artists alike will delight in the fluid and free-form process of making paste papers, often used as decorative book covers. Local fine binder Erin Fletcher will show participants how to use a simple paste mixture and tools to create dimensional designs and patterns on high quality paper. Completed papers can be proudly displayed as original works of art or later repurposed into book covers, collages and unique inventions.

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