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Upcoming Workshops // August & September

July 14, 2020 by Erin Fletcher

Interested in learning a new skill or want to hone your bookbinding skills? Come to one of my online workshops in August or September. All of the following workshops will be live instruction through Zoom. Open to students at any skill level!

Secret Belgian Binding – Three Ways
4 Sessions // August 4 – 13 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
6:00 – 8:30pm (EST)
Sign-up by July 24 to receive your material kit!
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This workshop will explore the Secret Belgian structure and ways to modify it. The binding is simple and easy to construct for any skill level. The binding opens flat and is perfect for thinner text blocks. During this workshop students will use techniques developed by Anne Goy to alter the traditional appearance of the structure through additional weaving and Tyvek.

Japanese 4-Hole Binding
2 Sessions // August 8 & 15 (Saturday mornings)
10:00 – 12:00pm (EST)
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In this workshop, students will construct a common Japanese binding model, traditionally referred to as yotsume toji or 4-hole binding. We will build the model in a traditional manner while incorporating western tools and equipment. This workshop will provide a better understanding of the structure and the foundation for which to alter the number of holes and sewing patterns.

Cross Structure Binding
4 Sessions // August 18 – 27 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
6:00 – 8:30pm (EST)
Sign-up by August 7 to receive your material kit!
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The Cross Structure binding is a non-adhesive binding that offers much freedom to the text block. This 20th century design is greatly inspired by the Long Stitch bindings of the medieval era. It is suitable in conservation or new bindings, such as travel journals or decorative bindings. The structure is uniquely constructed by interlocking the front and back cover at the spine.

In this workshop, students will create 4 variations of the Cross Structure binding working with both handmade paper and leather to create their models.

Variations on Single Signature Bindings
4 Sessions // September 8 – 17 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
6:00 – 8:30pm (EST)
Sign-up by August 28 to receive your material kit!
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Books come in all shapes and sizes. Some may span only a few pages, while others become a thick tome. In this workshop, we’ll explore the former as we create a multitude of models with both soft and hardcovers.

Students will begin this workshop by making a series of simple softcover pamphlets using a variety of sewing patterns before moving on to hardcover structures. All of these structures allow the book to lay flat and are perfect for chapbooks, presentation pamphlets or short stories.

  1. helene jolis says:

    do you know that Anne Goy has given a name to the technique she created while she was student à Lacambre ? Criss-Cross binding.
    the name secret belgium binding has been given by some one who didn’t want to say her name… you know the story….
    sincerely yours,

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