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Bookbinding & Book Arts Interviews
Since 2013, I have been conducting interviews on the blog. Click the button below to find a list that includes several talented and renowned bookbinders and book artists who have so kindly and thoughtfully engaged in responses that will inspire and embolden any reader.


Set Book Interviews
Every graduating class from the full-time Bookbinding Department at North Bennet Street School will complete a design binding. Each year a text is chosen that each student will bind in their own unique style, this is referred to as the set book. Since I graduated in 2012, I’ve interviewed each student about their binding, discussing the concept and the process. Below is an archive of past years. Each interview series comes out in May.

  • My name is Erin Fletcher, owner and bookbinder of Herringbone Bindery in Boston. Flash of the Hand is a space where I share my process and inspirations.
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