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  1. Free Shipping at Herringbone Bindery Etsy – Celebrate National Read a Book Day

    September 5, 2014 by Erin Fletcher


    Just in time for the school year, grab yourself a new journal or notepad. Celebrate the book this weekend for National Read a Book Day at my Herringbone Bindery Etsy shop and receive free shipping on all orders of $10 or more. Just enter code: READABOOK10 at checkout. Have a wonderful and book-worthy weekend.

  2. Giveaway – Flash of the Hand Turns 2!!

    July 11, 2014 by Erin Fletcher


    Flash of the Hand turns 2 today! Working on this blog has brought me close to so many wonderful and talented bookbinders and artists. The comments and compliments I receive have been so thoughtful and encouraging. To show my appreciation to all of you wonderful supporters, I’m giving away 2 mini notebooks to 2 lucky winners.


    To be eligible to enter, all you need to do is comment on this post saying you did the following:
    – Like Herringbone Bindery on Facebook
    – Write a comment on any post in the blog (make sure to include the link to the post you commented on)
    Subscribe to the blog

    Giveaway ends on July 18th (12:00am EST). Winners will be contacted via email, so don’t forget to include your email address.

    Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to the next year of blogging.

  3. Celebrate The One Year Anniversary of My Etsy Shop With This Offer

    March 14, 2014 by Erin Fletcher


    March 15th marks the first anniversary of the Herringbone Bindery Etsy Shop. All items will be marked 15% off in celebration and just in time to make room for a whole new collection! 

    Browse through a selection of blank journals in various sizes, leather bound notebooks and bookbinding kits. 

  4. Herringbone Bindery Etsy introduces Kits

    December 3, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    Bookbinding kits are now available at the Herringbone Bindery Etsy shop. These particular kits supply the materials and instructions to bind your own blank flatback journal. Each kit includes paste paper made right here in the bindery with five different patterns available. 


    1. 6 signatures for text block
    2. 2 colored endpaper folios
    3. 2 covers and 1 spine piece
    4. 1 piece of bookcloth
    5. 2 sheets of decorative paper
    6. headband material
    7. 1 piece of mull
    8. 1 needle and thread
    9. 1 piece of linen sewing tapes
    10. 1 punching jig
    11. 1 set of instructions

    The instructions were written, designed and illustrated by me. They are easy to follow for any skill level and each page includes helpful drawings to illustrate those more tricky steps.

    See the first 3 pages below: 


    – – – –


    – – – – flatbackkit-directions2

  5. New Items in the Herringbone Bindery Etsy Shop

    November 6, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    For the past few months, I’ve had a Nag Hammadi model sitting on my bench, provoking me. I finally found the time to sit down, examine and recreate the model (which belonged to my lovely friend Anna). This particular binding is based off one of the mid-fourth century bindings, which were unearthed from an urn near the town of Nag Hammadi in 1945; the structure was quite simple to construct. 

    For my Etsy shop I’ve created a simpler version by leaving out the cartonnage and papyrus, while incorporating bright buffalo and goat skin. These blank journals are filled with kraft paper and are quite suitable for the traveler and homebody alike. The image below displays all the pieces that come together to make the binding.


    The journals are bound in soft and supple leather. In addition to the wrap-around tie, there are ties at the head and tail to keep your pages safe and secure. Journals are available in a five different color choices, from sea foam green with red accents to…

    nag-red nag-redopen

    mauve with maroon accents. See them all at the Herringbone Bindery shop!


  6. Free Shipping at Herringbone Bindery on Etsy!

    September 6, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    In the market for a new journal or sketchbook? Need a gift for the writer or artist in your life. Celebrate the Book this weekend at my Herringbone Bindery Etsy shop and receive free shipping on all orders of $10 or more. Just enter code: READABOOK10 at checkout. Have a wonderful and book-worthy weekend.

  7. New Items in the Herringbone Bindery Etsy Shop

    June 11, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    During a recent workshop, I revisited the Gary Frost sewn-board binding structure. Remembering how much I enjoy that structure I decided to bind a few for my Etsy shop using the same series of paste papers as the previous collection of books. Each sewn-board journal is filled with 48 blank Mohawk pages and accented with book cloth on the spine and board edges near the spine. 

    Check out Herringbone Bindery at Etsy

    sewnboardpurplecheetahHand Bound Sewn-board Blank Notebook // Grey Cheetah – $25.00

    sewnboardmountainHandmade Sewn-board Blank Notebook // Mountain – $25.00

  8. Swell Things No. 5

    May 31, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    1. a photograph by Guy Bourdin (1978) // found on SUPERMODEL SHRINE
    2. Dirtsa Studio offers the most perfect “paper” towel, which are perfect for two reasons: they are reusable and I’m a paper fanatic.  
    3. Paul Miller stepped away from the internet for an entire year. Read about his experience on The Verge.
    4. A Boy and His Atom // IBM has created the world’s smallest stop-motion film by animating atoms under a magnification of over 100 million times. 
    5. brilliant idea :: paint each primary color on the wing of a fan to make a rainbow effect during fanning


    6. Blinded is a stunning limited edition print by Petra Holländer Photography, whose work you can purchase on Etsy
    7. Color Collective is a blog about design and color and inspiration, where photographs are reduced to their palettes.
    8. Brooklyn-based artist Phillip Stearns experiments the effects of high voltage and household cleaning products on instant pull apart film.
    9. Photographer Robin Schwartz captures intimate moments between her young daughter as she interacts with wild animals.
    10. Stitched Fish: Fish and Chips and Peas // the crocheted artwork of Kate Jenkins

  9. Swell Things No. 3

    March 31, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    1. Incredible Wooden Marble Machines (and videos) from a Swiss designer and artist // Paul Grundbacher
    2. These highly structured and detail sculptures are constructed from paper. Unbelievable! Designed by Irving Harper
    3. Creatively sculpted ceramic vessels and plates // Shawn Spangler
    4. David Meowie
    5. Masterfully illustrated paper designs and portraits // Eiko Ojala


    6. Silkscreen printed Masks Cushion in Neon Coral // Hazel Stark
    7. Miniature Dream House slipcase for an accordion artist book // Jacquie Duruisseau
    8. I recently had an enthralling conversation about gender roles with the talented artist Katrina Majkut whose current work focuses on traditional wedding festivities.
    9. Stone Eye is a collection of poetry from Kentucky’s former poet laureate, Richard Taylor. Two editions were printed by Gray Zeitz of Larkspur Press with wood engravings by Canadian artist Wesley Bates. Thirty-one copies were bound by Guild members for a 2002 Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers exhibit. The exhibition can still be seen online at Northwestern University.
    10. The psychedelic collage work of Serpentfire available at Society6.


    11. Need a laugh? Head over to the Irony Lab for some quirky and unusual sentiments // Tim McCool
    12. A recent Etsy obsession – Black Leather & Blue Triangles Pouch // Blackbird and The Owl 
    13. Swiss photographers Taylor Onorato and Nico Krebs cleverly extend the lines and angles of buildings with the careful placement of wooden beams.
    14. Jason and I have been obsessed with shipwrecks lately. These detailed ceramic pieces from Jon Gariepy caught my eye and drew me in.
    15. I love the odd nature of Laura Carlin’s ceramic work.

  10. My Hand // Etsy Shop Launch

    March 18, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    I’m so proud and excited to announce the opening of my shop on Etsy! In my practice I get to work on a lot of interesting projects under the guide of my clients. The items on Etsy sprang into life during the brief moments of freedom between client work, giving way to personal, limitless flashes of expression. I began with a collection of Lokta papers in a broad range of colors, which inspired the hand-dyed thread on the Coptics and paste papers used for the flatback journals and jotters. 

    Check out my previous post on paste papers. My most favorite pattern is the plum scallops over mint!

    smflatback_purplescallops smflatback_sagebricks

    I’m also a fan of the linear Coptic journals (available in earth tones and blue tones). Inspiration for this design came during my first year at North Bennet Street School from a poster that was hung in front of my bench. The minimalistic design is fresh and enhanced by the soft, muted tones of the Hahnemuhle Ingres. 


    Check out the Herringbone Bindery shop and leave a comment about your favorite product. Thanks in advance!! 

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