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Swell Things No. 5

May 31, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


1. a photograph by Guy Bourdin (1978) // found on SUPERMODEL SHRINE
2. Dirtsa Studio offers the most perfect “paper” towel, which are perfect for two reasons: they are reusable and I’m a paper fanatic.  
3. Paul Miller stepped away from the internet for an entire year. Read about his experience on The Verge.
4. A Boy and His Atom // IBM has created the world’s smallest stop-motion film by animating atoms under a magnification of over 100 million times. 
5. brilliant idea :: paint each primary color on the wing of a fan to make a rainbow effect during fanning


6. Blinded is a stunning limited edition print by Petra Holländer Photography, whose work you can purchase on Etsy
7. Color Collective is a blog about design and color and inspiration, where photographs are reduced to their palettes.
8. Brooklyn-based artist Phillip Stearns experiments the effects of high voltage and household cleaning products on instant pull apart film.
9. Photographer Robin Schwartz captures intimate moments between her young daughter as she interacts with wild animals.
10. Stitched Fish: Fish and Chips and Peas // the crocheted artwork of Kate Jenkins

  1. Lauren says:

    LOVE those paper towels! I’m actually going to see about having them in the shop!

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