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  1. Artist: David Samuel Stern

    June 23, 2015 by Erin Fletcher

    In this series, Woven Portraits, photographer David Samuel Stern wove together two photographs of the same subject printed on a transparent vellum. The results are quite fascinating and a bit eerie. Facial features are lost or hidden in the distortion forcing the viewer to fill in the gaps in order to reconstruct their images.

  2. Artist: Sarah Schönfeld

    December 26, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    This is what happens when you drop concentrated liquid drugs onto exposed film. In the series, All you can feel, German artist Sarah Schönfeld experimented with the effects of certain legal and illegal substances. The images reveal the reaction of each chemical as it breaks down the film substrate. Imagine what it might be doing to your body. The image above is Estrogen.


    Make sure you click on the images to enlarge and check out the amazing details. The results teeter between ethereal imagery to mineral samplings. Above on the left is Caffeine with MDMA on the right. Below are two examples of Ketamine.



    Pictured above on the left is Heroin with Crystal Meth on the right. Below are LSD on the left with a mixture of Speed and Magic on the right.



  3. Photographer: Alice Wells

    June 13, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    Take Me was the graduating piece by Alice Wells, where she invited guests to stoop over a long white bench and sift through a pile of little plastic pieces. Each piece ranged in size and captured Alice in various garments and poses. As a part of the piece, guests were asked to pluck as many Alices from the pile as desired. I grabbed two myself and turned them into a pair of earrings. 

    takeme-alicewells takeme3-alicewells takeme4-alicewells

  4. Photographer: Klaus Pichler

    June 6, 2013 by Erin Fletcher

    One third  - a project on food waste

    In the series One Third, Photographer Klaus Pichler arranged rotting food in elaborate still lifes as a reflection on a UN study claiming that one third of the world’s food goes to waste. Although there is mold and fuzz and maggots, these images are oddly beautiful.

    One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste

  5. Swell Things No. 4

    April 30, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    1. These brilliant and mystifying jellyfish are captured by artist Alexander Semenov, who studied Zoology from Moscow State University and specialized in invertebrate animals.
    2. Indigo: The Color that Changed the World by Catherine Legrand follows her search to reveal the few remaining communities that continue to harvest and produce indigo, tracking history through these contemporary artisans.
    3. I recently watched The Wolf Man from 1941 with my mother. It was quite campy and not the least bit scary, but revealed itself as the black and white film featured in The Sandlot!
    4. The Knife just released a new album after a seven year hiatus! Enough said.
    5. These 19th Century astronomy drawings from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery are just breathtaking and quite modern.


    6. Boys Club is a tumblr that shines light on aspects of our global culture where women have not tread. For example, all incarnations of Dr. Who have been men.
    7. Stunning photographs from Amira Fritz that simply make me happy and perhaps someday Jason will come home with an oversized bouquet!
    8. Persistence of Vision is a recent documentary from Kevin Schreck following the unfinished animated feature from Richard Williams, who you may recognize as the genius behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Kevin’s film is beautiful and heartbreaking as you follow the ups and downs of Williams’ career.
    9. These adorable miniature rounded-back case bindings have been transformed into an itty bitty urban street. Let’s Live Here is bound by Jamie Lynn Schilling
    10. Midway is a film by Chris Jordan capturing the heart wrenching effects of human waste. The Laysan albatross is plagued by the Pacific Garbage Patch. Chicks are ingesting bits of plastic, causing them to starve and die. Chris Jordan dissects the deceased chick, circling their remains around the contents of their stomachs. 

  6. Swell Things No. 3

    March 31, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    1. Incredible Wooden Marble Machines (and videos) from a Swiss designer and artist // Paul Grundbacher
    2. These highly structured and detail sculptures are constructed from paper. Unbelievable! Designed by Irving Harper
    3. Creatively sculpted ceramic vessels and plates // Shawn Spangler
    4. David Meowie
    5. Masterfully illustrated paper designs and portraits // Eiko Ojala


    6. Silkscreen printed Masks Cushion in Neon Coral // Hazel Stark
    7. Miniature Dream House slipcase for an accordion artist book // Jacquie Duruisseau
    8. I recently had an enthralling conversation about gender roles with the talented artist Katrina Majkut whose current work focuses on traditional wedding festivities.
    9. Stone Eye is a collection of poetry from Kentucky’s former poet laureate, Richard Taylor. Two editions were printed by Gray Zeitz of Larkspur Press with wood engravings by Canadian artist Wesley Bates. Thirty-one copies were bound by Guild members for a 2002 Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers exhibit. The exhibition can still be seen online at Northwestern University.
    10. The psychedelic collage work of Serpentfire available at Society6.


    11. Need a laugh? Head over to the Irony Lab for some quirky and unusual sentiments // Tim McCool
    12. A recent Etsy obsession – Black Leather & Blue Triangles Pouch // Blackbird and The Owl 
    13. Swiss photographers Taylor Onorato and Nico Krebs cleverly extend the lines and angles of buildings with the careful placement of wooden beams.
    14. Jason and I have been obsessed with shipwrecks lately. These detailed ceramic pieces from Jon Gariepy caught my eye and drew me in.
    15. I love the odd nature of Laura Carlin’s ceramic work.

  7. Photographer: Ignacio Torres

    March 13, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    As if the theory that our bodies are made from celestial dust isn’t poetic enough, photographer Ignacio Torres has created an equally enchanting series of GIFs under the title Stellar. Using dust and reflective confetti, Ignacio captures a galaxy in motion as his subjects appear frozen in time.

    Stellar-IgnacioTorres Stellar3-IgnacioTorres Stellar2-IgnacioTorres

  8. Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein

    March 6, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    Horses have long been viewed as majestic creatures. Slap on hair extensions and add some braids or curls they escalate to glamorous. Photographer Julian Wolkenstein has created these magnificent portraits highlighting our projections on animals. If you need another dose of animals in flashy tresses, check out Glamour Puss: a collection of kitty wigs.

    harmony-julianwolkenstein misty-julianwolkenstein

  9. Photographer: Amanda Jasnowski

    February 27, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    I love this ongoing instagram series from photographer Amanda Jasnowski where she captures a daily portrait of her hand. Our hands can lead an interesting life if we just take a moment to study their actions.

    hands3-amandajasnowski hands2-amandajasnowski hands1-amandajasnowski hands6-amandajasnowski hands4-amandajasnowski

  10. Photographer: Henrik Isaksson Garnell

    February 13, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


    Photographer Henrik Isaksson Garnell captures the bedrock in a mysterious and abstract light, as if documenting a foreign planetary landscape. No matter the location, these images are incredibly striking.

    henrikisakssongarnell2 henrikisakssongarnell3 henrikisakssongarnell4

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