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Swell Things No. 19

January 31, 2015 by Erin Fletcher


1. A lovely and growing collection of the world’s most spectacular libraries from photographer Franck Bohbot.
2. Artists Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona traveled across the Altiplano region of Bolivia to photograph the diverse spiritual richness of the culture. Check out these colorful and breathtaking portraits of healers, witch doctors and medicine men.
3. NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is celebrated every November to encourage aspiring writers to produce 50,000 words within the month. A different set of aspiring creators adapted this concept by starting NaNoGenMo or National Novel Generation Month. Developers set out to write a code that generates a novel. My favorite is an interpretation of the Voynich Manuscript.
4. A small village in southern Japan holds an eerie secret. Since her return to nurse her dying father, 65-year old Tsukimi Ayano has been replacing all members of the village whom have either moved away or died with a life-size replica doll. The 35 remaining residents are greatly outnumbered by these stuffed life less dolls. What a bizarre scene to stumble upon.
5. I don’t know if you’ve ever scrolled through image after image of Japanese kids with fruit balanced on their shoulders, but it’s quite strange. Check out these portraits from photographer Osamu Yokona.


6. 1000 Colours is a 1000-piece puzzle created by Clemens Habicht with production help from Lamington Drive Editions. Each puzzle piece is an individual color and must be successfully paired with its closest color relatives. I love puzzles and this one seems quite challenging!
7. I love embroidery and I love books; when the two meld it’s magical. So I was instantly drawn to Once Upon a Plant from Serene Ng. Sewing through paper is a delicate process, but Serene manages detail and lettering with swift and simple stitches.
8. When Pegge Hopper moved to Honolulu, she became greatly inspired by vintage images of the native island woman. So much that she began painting portraits of these photographs.
9. State of Play just released Lumino City, the first video game constructed entirely out of paper. Some games add paper texture, but the creators behind Lumino City spent three years physically creating each set out of paper, wood, miniature lights and electric motors. I haven’t had the chance to play the game, but you can bet that it will be soon!
10. Well I seemed to be obsessed with portraits this month. Danish photographer Ken Hermann found inspiration in the sellers of Calcutta’s Malik Ghat flower market. I love the richness of these images; particularly the stark contrast between the subject, his flowers and the backdrop.

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