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Swell Things No. 52

March 31, 2020 by Erin Fletcher

1. The work of Rose Nestler can be both playful and intrusive. Using traditional sculptural and sewing techniques, Nestler manipulates fabric into these large-scale objects that speak to our ideals on clothing and how they perpetuate patriarchal standards and norms around gender and sexuality. Her pieces stand alone or become interactive elements in performance.
2. I recently stumbled upon the beading and embroidery work of Polina ( I really love her style, it’s painterly and a little chaotic in the most gorgeous way. Been seeking out new embroidery inspirations during this time to keep my spirits and interests afloat. Looking forward to her next post!
3. In addition to seeking out inspirational embroiderers, I’ve also been hunting down new ceramic artists. I’m charmed and delighted by Jensen of After Hours Pottery! I want to fill all of my cupboards with her dazzling pottery. The glazes and colors are bright and bubbly and so happy to see them pop up in my feed.
4. Many film festivals have been making their films available online. Yesterday, I binged a few from the D.C. Environmental Film Festival. I finally got to see footage of what a walrus looks like underwater (a long time curiousity of mine) in addition to experiencing the thunderous cracks from icebergs shifting and breaking in the water. This was all documented in the film Under Thin Ice. I also enjoyed learning more about the Colorado River and how it was disrupted by the building of the Glen Canyon Dam in Glen Canyon Rediscovered. Finally, I got a short history lesson about the vast diversity of snails in Hawaii and how their populations are dwindling or becoming extinct due to the Rosy Wolf snail in Death of a Species.
5. Another ceramic artist, whose work I’ve recently discovered is Sam Thompson, whose geometric designs are playful and full of whimsy. Thompson also creates these delightfully colorful paintings that seem to inspire the ceramic work or perhaps vice versa.

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