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My Life List

July 13, 2012 by Erin Fletcher

I’ve recently started compiling my goals, both big and small, in to a life list (more commonly known as a bucket list).  Creating this list has allowed me to focus on my goals in order to accomplish them.

1. Start up yoga again and don’t stop
2. Start biking long distance
3. Get through 1001 movies you should watch before you die
4. Embroider a self-portrait
5. Unplug entirely for one week (phone only for emergencies)
6. Own 50 original pieces of art from 50 different artists
7. Create how-to manuals for book structures
8. Publish a book
9. Send birthday & anniversary cards every year
10. Write letters to friends, family and acquaintances
11. Take a road trip across the country
12. Go on vacation once a year (suggestions: Hong Kong, Grand Canyon, India, Paris, Germany, Brussels)
13. Grow herbs in kitchen (basil, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, chives, thyme)
14. Start a garden and then eat from it
15. Get personalized stationary
16. Go to Las Vegas
17. Attend a rodeo
18. Take a hot air balloon ride
19. Get to know mine and Jason’s grandparents
20. Write in a journal on a daily basis
21. Buy a home and decorate it
22. Go horseback riding
23. Go kayaking
24. Learn how to row

25. Go to a real Haunted House
26. Join a CSA
27. Milk a cow
28. Own a dog
29. Host a dinner party
30. Start a tradition
31. Learn mandarin
32. Ride an elephant
33. Start and finish a 365 project
34. Own and lay in a hammock
35. Plant a tree
36. Bury a time capsule (again)
37. Start eating locally raised meat
38. Create a successful blog
39. Have 10 books in special collections or privately owned
40. Make paper thread
41. Make homemade condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise)
42. Try out different ethnic cuisines (restaurants in Boston)
43. Send Jason cards in the mail
44. Sew an outfit
45. Subscribe to a small press
46. Learn how to dive and swim without plugging my nose
47. Go snorkeling
48. Learn how to play the accordion
49. Ride a mechanical bull
50. Learn how to dance
51. Make biscotti with Aunt Debbie
52. Make sugu like Nana
53. Participate in a charity walk
54. Buzz off my hair
55. Raise a family
56. Dye my hair a wild color (like lilac or mint blue)
57. Read every book in my bookcase


  1. Austin King says:

    This is quite a list. I would like to partake of the in home movie theater.

  2. callen says:

    this is a great list! i’ve heard it’s true, that people who make these kinds of lists are much more likely to accomplish their goals, so good for you. i volunteer to help you with some of these, for instance, the eating ones. :)

  3. Aiman Akhtar says:

    I think you can cross #42 off your list. This looks like a mighty successful blog to me!

  4. vicki says:

    you did #40. i use the side table almost daily while in my living room. i could use some chairs ;-)

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