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Swell Things No. 1

January 31, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


1. SuperNatural necklace made from beech wood :: Lina Lindbergh
2. a study in ceramic chemistry:  Jar in Blueberry Yogurt :: Ben Fiess 
3. Mark Rice-Ko :: Henry Hargreaves
4. a rocking chair that knits
5. Broken Flowers :: Jon Shireman, who cleverly uses liquid nitrogen to freeze flowers before smashing them to pieces


6. Letterheady: a tumblr blog featuring the letterhead of famous people and companies
7. Dust Pink Mokuba Rope Necklace with Amazonite :: Sew a Song
8. Airbrushed decorative paper :: Amy Borezo
9. World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth, get a mini figurine of yourself!
10. Lollipops: Flavour 1 :: Carl Kleiner


11. You may recognize this scene from Blow-Up, IWDRM (If We Don’t, Remember Me) is a tumblr offering living film stills
12. Erica Lambertson
13. Black Paper 37: an armchair designed with 37 sheets of black gofer cardboard
14. Do you hold a canvas in your pocket? iPhone Oil Paintings
15. Ceramic Ghosts :: Studio Arhoj

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