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Book Artist of the Month: Laura Davidson

April 8, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


In 2009, Laura Davidson took inspiration from the cities that she visited and created 9 Cities, One Artist in a small edition of 7. Each hand colored dry point print depicts a monument from each respective city and includes a handwritten caption naming the buildings. The beautiful, muted color palette is a lovely contrast against the vibrant 22 c. gold details. There are 10 prints in total.

The book is on a smaller, more intimate scale measuring 2″ high by 4½” long. 

A few words from Laura regarding her work:
I love to travel and have been so inspired by it. I think it is good to get out of the studio and look at what is out there and what can inspire.

9cities-lauradavidson 9citieslondon-lauradavidson 9citiesparis-lauradavidson 9citiesrome-lauradavidson

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