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Swell Things No. 4

April 30, 2013 by Erin Fletcher


1. These brilliant and mystifying jellyfish are captured by artist Alexander Semenov, who studied Zoology from Moscow State University and specialized in invertebrate animals.
2. Indigo: The Color that Changed the World by Catherine Legrand follows her search to reveal the few remaining communities that continue to harvest and produce indigo, tracking history through these contemporary artisans.
3. I recently watched The Wolf Man from 1941 with my mother. It was quite campy and not the least bit scary, but revealed itself as the black and white film featured in The Sandlot!
4. The Knife just released a new album after a seven year hiatus! Enough said.
5. These 19th Century astronomy drawings from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery are just breathtaking and quite modern.


6. Boys Club is a tumblr that shines light on aspects of our global culture where women have not tread. For example, all incarnations of Dr. Who have been men.
7. Stunning photographs from Amira Fritz that simply make me happy and perhaps someday Jason will come home with an oversized bouquet!
8. Persistence of Vision is a recent documentary from Kevin Schreck following the unfinished animated feature from Richard Williams, who you may recognize as the genius behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Kevin’s film is beautiful and heartbreaking as you follow the ups and downs of Williams’ career.
9. These adorable miniature rounded-back case bindings have been transformed into an itty bitty urban street. Let’s Live Here is bound by Jamie Lynn Schilling
10. Midway is a film by Chris Jordan capturing the heart wrenching effects of human waste. The Laysan albatross is plagued by the Pacific Garbage Patch. Chicks are ingesting bits of plastic, causing them to starve and die. Chris Jordan dissects the deceased chick, circling their remains around the contents of their stomachs. 

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