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Swell Things No. 14

May 31, 2014 by Erin Fletcher


1. Heck Yes Craft is an excellent source of links for various craftsman from the American Craft Council.
2. Sugar and spikes and everything somewhat nice is exactly how I would describe the wild illustrations by artist Wishcandy.
3. Check out these delicious and beautiful vegetable illustrations by artist Ryo Takemasa.
4. Believe it or not, these cameras are ceramic pieces! Not a painting or paper sculpture, but ceramic! These marvelous pieces are created by the talented Katherine Morling.
5. I recently stumbled upon the work of artist Susan Joy Share. Her artist book Grace of Wit, of Tongue, and Face is an accordion binding made from cloth and what appears to be printed and paste paper panels. The book is an interpretation of a 16th century poem by Sir Walter Raleigh.


6. Back in 1692, an artist known by the name of A. Boogert embarked on creating an educational guide on color by explaining how certain hues can be mixed by altering the tone. Nearly 800 handwritten and painted pages in Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau can be viewed in its entirety online here.
7. Same But Different is an International Emmy Award winning and BAFTA nominated collection of short documentaries that showcase eight children from across the United Kingdom who are living with a range of disabilities and medical conditions. The films are wonderfully guided through the eyes of the child and their experiences, challenges, friends and aspirations.
8. A “drinkable book” is being developed to teach water safety and to act as a filter to treat filthy water into a drinkable resource. Each page is coated in bacteria-killing silver nanoparticles, which can be easily torn out and used as a filter for up to a month. Instructions and educational facts are printed on each page in food-grade ink, the initial run of 100 copies was printed in English and Swahili for distribution in Kenya. The organization behind the book, WaterisLife, plans to distribute it around the world.
9. Ivor Robinson, was an exemplary master bookbinder in the 20th century whose work will continue on as inspiration for future bookbinders. You can read his obituary here.
10. Check out the wild and disjointed portraiture work of Erik Olson.

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