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Swell Things No. 22

April 30, 2015 by Erin Fletcher


1. These delicately, detailed paintings from Brian Roberston are other-wordly and quite enjoyable.
2. A couple of delightful flip books by Scott Blake using just a hole punch.
3. Success with watercolor is such a mystery to me, but Lorraine Loots has masterfully condensed entire nebulae and planets into miniature paintings in her Micro Cosmo Mondays series.
4. Artist Veronika Richterová transforms plastic bottles into cartoonish plants and flowers. I’m particularly tickled by her series of cacti.
5. Sophia Narrett creates these luscious embroidered pieces of art that greatly mimic her oil paintings. The stitching is layered and layered creating lights and darks, just like paint on a canvas.


6. Japanese artist Aki Inomata, crafted these 3-D printed shells modeled after real architecture for hermit crabs. His concept for the project swells from the idea of a “home borrower”: the movement of one home to the next.
7. Dear Data is a fascinating year-long project between designers Giorgia Lupi in New York and Stefanie Posavec in London. Each week the two compiled data measuring one aspect of their daily lives and then creatively illustrated their findings. Each chart was drawn on a postcard with the key transcribed on the back. Such a inspiring series!
8. These edgy glass sculptures project perfect gradients. Sculptor Niyoko Ikuta has created a beautiful series of glass pieces that display the wide range of translucency of its material.
9. The Black Book of Carmarthen is a 13th century vellum manuscript that recently revealed centuries’ old hidden messages under the use of a black light.
10. At the Prado Museum in Madrid, a very special exhibit is on view that enables the blind to touch and therefore experience famous works of art. Estudios Durero, a Spanish printing studio developed a special 3-D printed process called Didú, that transforms the flat paintings into sculptural pieces.

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