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  1. Best of 2012

    December 31, 2012 by Erin Fletcher

    Thanks for stopping by Flash of the Hand and joining me during my first year of blogging!! These are some of my most favorite posts during the past year. Join me in 2013 for more bookbinders and book artists, plus tons of art and a weekly dose of cats!


    1. September // Bookbinder of the Month: Sybil Pye
    2. Artist: Jane Rovers
    3. Artist: Rachell Sumpter


    4. October // Bookbinder of the Month: Rose Adler
    5. Stereo Skifcha
    6. Artist: Julien Pacaud


    7. Photographer: Brice Bischoff
    8. Artist: Ariana Page Russell
    9. My Hand…Little Birds


    10. Artist: Matt Wisniewski
    11. Artist: Rune Guneriussen
    12. My Hand…Fantastic Mr. Fox

  2. Artist: Matt Wisniewski

    September 5, 2012 by Erin Fletcher

    Matt Wisniewski creates the most alluring portraits by integrating gleaming landscapes and natural forms in a manner that distorts and accentuates the human figure. Matt’s collaged portraits are a result of images collected of a variety of sources, all of which he’s willing to share, plus you can buy prints of his work. Although I wish the image above (from his Mineral Minds series) was available; a wonderful collection of images and color coming together to create this pensive character that reminds me of a synchronized swimmer. 


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