Erin Fletcher : Fine Binding & Edition Binding
Goose Eggs & Other Fowl Expressions
Rebecca Press, 1991, Maryland

Private Collection, US

Miniature Dorfner Binding. Spine covered in Mauve buffalo skin. Veneer covered boards with Karelian Birch veneer tabs. Sewn on snakeskin tapes. Silsuede fly leaf made to handmade Katie MacGregor paper. Leather wrapped head¬bands. Hand painted edges in teal gouache mix.

Book housed in a leather spine clamshell box sided up with silver book cloth. Trays covered in handmade Katie MacGregor paper and lined with Silsuede. Box stamped in teal with book title.

5.9cm x 6.8cm x 1.5cm - Completed in 2014

Exhibition History
  • Exhibited in 2015 North Bennet Street School Student & Alumni Exhibit.

Artist Statement
This miniature book is filled with quirky adages that incorporate a variety of fowl species. The materials chosen for this binding were greatly inspired by the vibrant colors used in printing the text. The four segments of veneer make the shape of a goose egg.

Read about the binding process of this book on my blog.