Erin Fletcher : Fine Binding & Edition Binding
Interviews by Erin Fletcher
From the beginning of my career I've conducted interviews with professionals and students in the field that have awed and inspired me. My hope is that these interviews will put a spotlight on contemporary book arts. I hope these interviews encourage future binders to enter the field and bring their own unique perspective to book arts.

North Bennet Street School // Student Set Book Interviews
Every graduating class from the full-time Bookbinding Department at North Bennet Street School will complete a design binding. Each year a text is chosen that each student will bind in their own unique style, this is referred to as the set book. Since I graduated in 2012, I’ve interviewed each student about their binding, discussing the concept and the process. Below is an archive of past years. Each interview series comes out in May.

Class of 2024
  • Fox Allen, Louise Capizzo, Elizabeth Grab, Jacqueline "Jacky" Martin, Spike Minogue, India Patel, Jennifer Pyburn, Emily Stanley

Class of 2023
  • Nicoline Meyer, Kaylee Moen, Abra Mueller, Rachel Payne, Sara Pines, EJ Youcha, Mimi Zycherman

Class of 2022
  • Lucy Dunphy Barsness, Alexa Garvin, Chloe Goff, Martyna Gryko, Ariana Rutledge

Class of 2021
  • Mitch Gundrum, Jane Knoll

Class of 2020
  • Shelley Esplin, Lindsay Gibbons, Samantha Griglack, Mike Miura, Lisa Muccigrosso

Class of 2019
  • Séphora Bergiste, Rachel Campbell, Yi Bin Liang, Greta Llanes, Liz McHugh, Jennifer Pellecchia, Clair Emma Smith, Matthew Lawler Zimmerman

Class of 2018
  • Rachel Jackson, Sarah Kim, Allie Rosenthal, Ned Schultz, Jon Simeon, Rebecca Fisher Staley, Frances Wentworth

Class of 2017
  • Marc Hammonds, Kate Levy, Rebecca Métois, Natalie Naor, Caitlin Mai O’Brien, Rebecca Philio, Linnea Vegh

Class of 2016
  • Peggy Boston, Nicole Campana, Todd Davis, Emily Patchin, Jonathan Romain, Mary Grace Whalen

Class of 2015
  • Kaitlin Barber, Lauren Calcote, Joshua Crotty, Megan Gibes, Shannon Kerner, Lindsay Nakashima, Jackie Scott

Class of 2014
  • Christine Ameduri, Marianna Brotherton, Gabby Cooksey, Elizabeth Curran, Alcamy Henriksen, Leslie To

Class of 2013
  • Nancy Baker, Avery Bazemore, Jeanne Goodman, Katrina Kiapos, Betsy Roper, Lauren Schott, Kevin Sheby

Bookbinder Interviews
I've conducted interviews with bookbinders whose work I greatly admire. Each of these bookbinders thoughtfully engaged in their responses that will hopefully inspire and embolden any reader.

Book Artist Interviews
I've conducted interviews with book artists whom I find inspiring. Each of these artists have found bold ways to play with the book form and will surely offer any aspiring artist or collector to engage deeper with this medium.