Erin Fletcher : Fine Binding & Edition Binding
Herringbone Bindery works with your idea to craft a binding or box that meets your vision and specifications. Erin will guide you through the process and offer suggestions for the best materials and structure to match your budget.

Things to Remember
Custom projects can range from a single unique binding to an edition of 100. Larger editions may be possible.

Lead Time
For a unique binding at least 2-months lead time is preferred. However some projects, like boxes, can be completed in a shorter timeframe. Lead time for edition work is determined on an individual basis.

A 50% deposit is required at the start of every project. The remaining amount will be due upon completion.

How to Order
To place an order for a custom binding or box, please contact: . In addition to a description of your project, please include the budget and timeframe to expedite the quoting process.

Workshop Instruction
If you are interested in educational services, please click here to submit a private workshop request or here if you are interested in hiring me to teach a workshop.

Some various applications include edition binding, dissertation binding, guest book, or give your favorite book a new binding.

A flatback binding has a rigid spine and hardcovers. This binding is simple yet elegant and suitable for edition binding or smaller text blocks.

Rounded Back
A rounded back binding has a thin, flexible spine and hardcovers. This binding offers an elegant round spine and is suitable for edition binding or larger text blocks.

Exposed Spine/Non-Adhesive
An exposed spine gives the sewing an ornamental feel. Sewing threads can be dyed to match or compliment covering material. Many exposed spine structures lay flat and are suitable for portfolios, journals or unique gifts.

Unique Bindings
There are a wide variety of binding structures to choose from. If you are looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary, then a more suitable structure can be made to fit your project.

Fine Binding
A fine or design binding is of the highest quality when it comes to its materials and craftsmanship. This unique binding is suitable for texts of personal importance, a favorite edition, or a custom printed book. This is the finest style of binding you could add to your private library. It also makes for a treasured gift to a loved one that adores literature and the printed word.

Design Work
The design of a fine binding is greatly influenced by the text being bound and takes on the personal style of the binder. Upon request the direction of the client will be considered during the design process. A design must be approved before production begins unless carte blanche is given.

Lead time
Due to the complexities of the structure and design work, the lead time is at least 6 months. Any design that requires extensive research or experiments could require more time. Clients will be informed on a completion timeline as project details are finalized.

Fine binding commissions vary according to materials and labor, which can also include time spent on research and design experiments. As with any commission, a quote will be generated and submitted to the client for approval.

Albums & Portfolios
An album can be made to custom fit the quantity and size of your photograph collection. Albums are filled with a heavy weight, textured paper and a variety of materials can be used to cover the outside. Covers can be customized through stamping or embroidery services.

Cases can be made to house a variety of items such as prints, diploma/awards or important documents. Portfolios can be covered in a variety of materials and are easily customizable.

Boxes are a great way to protect your books, documents, or precious objects from the environment; such as dirt, sunlight, and moisture. Boxes can also be added to any binding commission and is highly recommended for leather bound books or books that include embroidered details. There are a variety of housing options for your item.

Clamshell Box – Cloth
Overall protection for your object. Flat spine can be stamped or given a label for easy identification or personalization.

Clamshell Box – Leather
Overall protection for your object. Box may have flat or rounded spine. Customizable stamping, label, or direct tooling available.

A custom fitted case that exposes the spine of the book. Suitable for flatback and rounded back books. Leather trim can be added to the opening of the slipcase..

Custom Box
If you need a box for a multiple volume set or an unusually shaped object, boxes can be customized to function in a way that is appropriate for your object(s). Compartments, drawers or lifts can also be added to custom boxes to house a mix of materials and make it easier to remove items.

Here is just a sample of the types of materials available to cover your projects.

I keep a range of goatskin, calfskin, and buffalo skin in a variety of colors in stock. Additional skins are available to order. I receive skins from tanneries that work specifically with bookbinders to make the best quality product.

There are cloths specific to bookbinding known as bookcloth. Some have a natural fabric feel. Buckram cloths are slick and have a slight polished appearance, like a library book. Bookcloths come in a variety of colors and textures, yet many fabrics can also be turned into bookcloth.

I use a range of handmade, hand-dyed, and hand decorated papers that come from a variety of craftspeople. Custom paste papers can be made directly in the bindery. I also use a range of machine-made papers that may better suit your design palette.

Unique materials
A range of other materials can be used to create or decorate your binding. I've created projects using veneer, vellum, ribbon, metal, and wooden boards.

Finishing Touches
Each binding or box commission can be made even more unique with a few finishing touches. See a list of options below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let me know about a decorative detail that might best fit your project.

I offer the unique service of customizing your binding with embroidered details. Embroidery is typically applied to leather, handmade paper or cloth, but other materials can be explored.

Edge Decoration
To specialize your binding even more, the edges of the text block can be colored with paint or graphite. Add a more elegant look with a gilt edge (process of laying gold leaf).

A printed label can be added to the spine or front cover of your binding. Labels can be glue directly on top or placed in a sunken well.

Hand Tooling
Simple or complex designs may be tooled directly on the binding either using foils, gold leaf, or blind (no color).

Decorative Layering
If you'd like to customize your binding with raised or recessed elements, I offer design services using paper, leather, or cloth.

Commissions are individualized to the needs of the client, therefore pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. I will work closely with you to provide a well-crafted binding that fits within your budget by suggesting suitable materials and binding methods.

Texas residents are responsible for paying sales tax (6.25%) on any item that is not meant for resale or does not qualify for tax-exemption. Shipping and any add-ons, such as tracking and insurance, are also billed to the client.