Erin Fletcher : Fine Binding & Edition Binding
Magic Show Tonite! - by Leo Behnke with illustrations by Mark Sanders
Outwest Bookworks Inc., 1999

Wood veneer Dorfner binding. Spine covered in metallic blue leather. Wood veneer covered boards are hand painted on surface and sides. Sewn on vellum tapes with tabs made from leather and handmade paper over museum board. Leather tab is blind tooled. Leather wrapped endbands in lilac. Fuchsia faux suede fly leaf made to handmade Katie MacGregor paper in muted teal.

Book is housed in a telescoping box covered in handmade paper from Katie MacGregor in muted teal. Title broadside inset into lid made from various handmade papers. Interior side of lid covered in handmade coral and chartreuse paper from Morgan Conservatory and line with fuchsia suede. Base covered in matching muted teal handmade paper and lilac handmade paper from Morgan Conservatory. Inner tray lined in fuchsia suede with chartreuse double satin pull tab.

8.3cm x 6.7cm x 1.7cm – Completed in 2020

Exhibition History
  • Society of Bookbinders International Bookbinding Competition (2022)
  • George Bayntun, Bath, England
    Shepherds, London, England

Artist Statement
Magic Show Tonite! gives an overview on life as an entertainer in America’s Old West. In the mid-1850s it was expected that women dress modestly by covering various parts of their bodies. For example, legs should be covered by silk or cotton tights and any exposed leg would be viewed as indecent. As a means to poke fun at this outrageous demand upon women, entertainers would enrobe any one or any thing with tights, including dogs, pianos and tables.