Erin Fletcher : Fine Binding & Edition Binding
Private Collection, US

Board is covered in chartreuse buffalo skin with onlays and inlays of blackberry goatskin and light grey buffalo skin. Concentric circles and dots tooled in palladium. Square tooled in metallic lilac foil. Diamonds embroidered with bright blue cotton floss. Lined with neon coral handmade paper and embroidered in same cotton floss with word “music”.

Housed in box covered in light grey buffalo skin with carbon tooled onlay in blackberry goatskin. Blind tooled circles with line tooled in metallic lilac foil. Lid lined with neon coral handmade paper. French tray covered in raspberry bookcloth and lined with dark teal faux suede.

7.6cm x 7.6cm x .4cm – Completed 2019

Artist Statement
The inspiration for my design came through my husband’s own musical curiosities. His deep dive into synthesizers introduced me to this underground world of beautifully crafted machines. The designs range from minimal to complex with quizzical and abstract graphics layered among knobs, buttons and lights. To create my design I pulled imagery from some of the machines I’ve photographed over the years and combined linear representations of the sound waves created by these machines.